A Wanderer’s Diary II


Worry Less.

It’s been awhile… But the good thing is I’m back! Finally here’s the part 2 of my diary.

First thing, how can we develop the courage or the confidence to go around the world? Or to find a great opportunity of travelling to many places? We all have the decision to make, especially when it comes to travelling. Don’t be dissapointed if you don’t have an idea, be more optimistic I knew we all can think a good idea and try to get some help from the internet.

Change or decide wisely to your plans for a better cause, be confident on what you have, a phone, a camera it doesn’t really matters. The important is you knew you had the right and be on top of the world.

Try to create a list of something you really want to try out…

Here are the tips:

Tip 1:                                                                                                                                                        Find or search a good place that you and your friends want to go to.

Tip 2:                                                                                                                                                        After that settle your things up and get ready to travel… Don’t forget to Pray to God for a safe trip. ( You may want to book first in a hotel for a easy cause).

Tip 3:                                                                                                                                                        When you finally arrive on your destination… Check your things first before entering or going in to the hotel… (to be sure your things are not incomplete)

Tip 4:                                                                                                                                                        After the hotel management approves your request or in having a good time inside, you can now have some rest, align your things and enjoy!





A Wanderer’s Diary I



Wander More. 

A lot of people want to explore something they never try before, we can experience that.

As we grow older, we learned many things from different people, places, events and many more. We can go to places we want, but why we can’t do that? Maybe because we’re too busy, lack of money or afraid to try something new… Those things can’t stop us from travelling, you can, we can.

Going to other places that you want isn’t bad at all, but you need to be sure that school or your job will not be affected, because those are important too. Education can make you independent, and that is nice…being independent means you can do what you want on your own, you’re not always depending on others.

You need to balance these things in order for you to become happy and satisfied.

The Sun Goes Down

Twin Lakes, Tagaytay


Yeah the sun is now setting down… Sunsets are always been my favorite, capturing this beautiful view is one of my goal in taking a photo, aside from this you can relax too if you’re tired of doing many things.

Tip: Enjoy a beautiful view, have yourself a good time. 

I Scream for Ice Cream

Gelatissimo, Greenbelt 5 Makati


All I can say is…Yum…Because I’m here at Gelatissimo, where you can find sweet and delicious italian-style ice cream which is the Gelato. This is better than the ordinary ice cream, so I suggest that you go here and try some of it.

Tip: Give yourself a time to chill, try to eat some extraordinary desserts. 

Cafe is Love

Cafe Fleur, Angeles City Pampanga


Christmas is near right? So have yourself a good time here at Cafe Fleur! This is a perfect spot for you and your family to enjoy the holiday season. I just remembered when I ate their delicious cakes… The ambiance is also great that you want to take pictures for.

Tip: Go on a food trip that would surely enjoy with all your family and friends.

“Cooking my way to your heart through my travels”.

                                                                                                       – Chef Sau

Feel the Fresh Air…

Lighthouse Marina Resort, Subic









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Hmmm… This photo seems to be more attractive…Yes it is! Because you can stay here for a long time and you can even relax by the view, the fresh air, almost like a paradise!
Tip: Give yourself enough time to relax. 


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Caliraya Laguna


Actually this is a throwback photo from our ‘Retreat’ at Caliraya Laguna.

Aside from knowing and experiencing God’s love for us, I learned more things… I enjoyed my day with my friends (classmates) and my teachers.

Its a great experience for me to explore this place, even I didn’t walk here too much but it was really fun to take pictures here.

Tip: Discover places.